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Demon’s Vengeance

What would you sacrifice to protect everything that you love?


A fire-wielding nightwalker is forced to team up with a hunter to stop the rise of a dark force determined to exterminate all humans.

Angel’s Ink

A tattoo artist with a secret find himself in trouble with the Grim Reaper while trying to dodge another kind of death.

What a Lady Treasures

Charlotte is risking more than her life when she researches an ancient Egyptian relic that could be the key to a woman’s disappearance.


Jocelynn Drake
The vampire smiled, all fangs and sin. Let's play, she whispered.

New York Times bestselling author Jocelynn Drake is here to take you on an adventure. She has a love of dark, wounded characters who have a knack for finding trouble in the strangest of places.

She first started writing stories while in junior high school, filling battered old notebooks with tales of teenage woe before finally discovering the world of dragons, wizards, and dethroned princes. It was still many years later before she fell in love with a vampire and sold her first novel, Nightwalker.

Whether you have a love of vampires, warlocks, or just the dark corners where the evil things lurk, she's got a story to tell you.

  • Dark Days

    series complete

  • Asylum Tales

    series complete

  • Hidden London

    series complete

  • Shiver

    story complete

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